Who can take zakaat?
Q) Who can take zakaat? what is the punishment for a person who is not eligible to take zakaat but she takes it?
A) A poor muslim who does not have nisaab.
Must i give only part of zakat if i lost my job?
Q) During Ramadan, I had to give zakaat but my father prevented me from giving total amount since I lost my job more than 1 year ago & did not get any new job since then. He said that, since I do not have a job, I can give only part. What do you think?
A) Not true. Should give fully. Unless if you are indebt, then minus that debt from your assets.
Misuse of zakat
Q) A widow takes zakaat and she misuses it. What is her punishment?
A) She will have to answer to Allah.
My children got money in their account
Q) My children got money in their account, must i give zakat on their behalf?
A) No. Unless they are baaligh.

When calculating zakaat, if we have loans
Q) When calculating zakaat, if we have loans should we deduct capital only or both capital and interest paid?
A) Both.
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