Q) In today's time, what's your advice about a girl who finished her HSC? What should she do?
A) Learn deen and become an aalimah. Together with it, learn also household chores. When you become an aalimah, you'll be able to preserve yourself against the fitnahs of this actual time. Stay away from facebook and internet..

Q) Dua to stop wasting money?
A) Visit orphans and homes so as to ponder upon their poverty.

Q) Under what conditions can a parent send his daughter for University education abroad? Is Malaysia a suitable destination?
A) Under no condition, distant learning may be an option.

Q) Which taveez can be use against ants?
A) Read this verse and blow on them and by their holes:
يَا أَيُّهَا النَّمْلُ ادْخُلُوا مَسَاكِنَكُمْ لَا يَحْطِمَنَّكُمْ سُلَيْمَانُ وَجُنُودُهُ وَهُمْ لَا يَشْعُرُونَ

Yaa ayyahunnamlud khoulou masakinakoum laa yahtimannakoum soulaimanou wa jounoudouhou wa houm laa yash `ouroun. (27:18)

You may contact Mowlana Noorani Gooman of Masjid Derby Curepipe for this issue. If not resolved, then we may help inshallah.

Q) A boy/girl fall in love with someonr but thair parents have objection with this relationship. The boy/girl is having difficulties to forget the lover. What can he/she do to forget the lover.
A) Read the dua of ''Ruqya for Depression'' available on web in masnoon duas.

Q) Is there any specific dua that can be read for Allah to accept our wishes?
A) You may use the names of Allah. Find the 99 names in masnoon duas. You may read: Ya Allah, Ayatul Qursi and Allahu laa ilaaha illaa hou. Wa `anatil woujouhou lil hayyil Qayyoum.

Q) What is the dua against laziness?
A) Dua against laziness and other important issues:



أَللّهُمَّ إِنِّىْ أَعُوْذُ بِكَ مِنْ عِلْمٍ لاَّ يَنْفَعُ وَقَلْبٍ لاَّ يَخْشَعُ وَدُعَاءٍ لاَّ يُسْمَعُ وَنَفْسٍ لاَّ تَشْبَعُ وَمِنَ الْجُوْعِ فَإِنَّه بِئْسَ الضَّجِيْعُ وَمِنَ الْخِيَانَةِ فَإِنَّهَا بِئْسَتِ الْبِطَانَةُ وَمِنَ الْكَسَلِ وَالْبُخْلِ وَالْجُبْنِ وَمِنَ الْهَرَمِ وَمِنْ أَنْ أُرَدَّ إِلى أَرْذَلِ الْعُمُرِ وَمِنْ فِتْنَةِ الدَّجَّالِ وَعَذَابِ الْقَبْرِ وَفِتْنَةِ الْمَحْيَا وَالْمَمَاتِ، أَللّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَسْئَلُكَ قُلُوْبًا أَوَّاهَةً مُّخْبِتَةً مُّنِيْبَةً فِىْ سَبِيْلِكَ، أَللّهُمَّ إِنَّا نَسْئَلُكَ عَزَائِمَ مَغْفِرَتِكَ وَمُنْجِيَاتِ أَمْرِكَ وَالسَّلاَمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ إِثْمٍ وَالْغَنِيْمَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ بِرٍّ وَّالْفَوْزَ بِالْجَنَّةِ وَالنَّجَاةَ مِنَ النَّار

Allahoumma inni a’ouzou bika min ‘ilmin laa yanfa’ou, wa qalbin laa yakhsha’ou, wa dou’aain laa yousma’ou, wa nafsin laa tashba’ou, wa minal jou‘e, fa innahou bi’sal dajee’ou, wa minal khiyaanati fa innahaa bi’satil bitwaanatou, wa minal kasli wal boukhli wal joubni, wa minal harami, wa min an ouradda ilaa arzalil ‘oumouri, wa min fitanatid dajjaali, wa ‘azaabil qabri, wa fitanil maHyaa, wal mamaati. Allahoumma innaa nas alouka qoulooban aw waahatan, moukhbitatan, mouneebatan fee sabeelika. Allahoumma innaa nas alouka ‘azaa ima maghfiratika, wa mounjiyaati amrika, was salaamata min kulli ithmin, wal ghaneemata min kulli birrin, wal fawza bil jannati, wan najaata minan naari. (Mustadrak Hakim)

O Allah! Mo pe demande Toi protection conte connaisance qui pas beneficial, et le coeur qui pas peur (Toi), et du’a qui pas etre accepter, et desir/nafs qui pas satisfait, et conte faim intense, parcequi li ene mauvais compagnon, et conte malhonnetete, parcequi sa (montrer) ene mauvais nature, et conte paresse, et l’avarice, et lachete, et conte extra vieux l’age et conte ene l’age cot mo vine unitule (mohtaaj), et conte dajjal so corruption, et punition qabar, et banne (mauvais) epreuve de la vie et la mort. O Allah! Nous pe demande Toi ene le coeur qui humilier, obeissant et incliner vers To chemin. O Allah! Accorde moi To pardon absolu, et deliverance conte tous banne difficultes, et assurance contre tous banne peches, et ene grand part de banne bon actions et reussite par jannat et deliverance conte du feu l’enfer.

Q) A woman wants to give birth in a clinic but her husband wants her to go to a hospital; not because of financial problem, don't know for what reason. What she do?
A) If the husband is well off, than it is better for him to look for female gynocologist and nurses in a clinic, so that to avoid other men from seeing the private part of his wife. But if the husband cannot aford it, than he'll be obliged to take her to the hospital.

Q) I took money from my family once, without their permission. Now i'm regretting a lot and i don't have courage to tell them.What should i do?
A) Give them the money as a gift, but make intention that you are returning the money you took before. It is necessary to return them that money, unless you ask for maaf and they forgive you.

Q) Is there a special dua for someone who often has miscarriages?
A) Read sourah Maryam often. Then eat dates and drink milk.

Q) I'm in a great trouble so what should i do to remove this problem on me?
A) Read lot of Astaghfirullah and Allahoummaghfirli.

Q) I feel desperate. I'm so afraid of dying. Can you plz help me by giving me a dua to overcome such feelings?
A) Allahoumma barik li filmaut wa fima ba`dal maut.

Q) What can i do so that the parents of the guy i love accepts me?
A) Read lot of allahoummaghfirlee at tahajud time and during the day.

Q) I love a boy but i'm afraid to tell my parents about this because they might not like it. What can i do or read in order for my parents to accept without any problems?
A) Love is a sickness without Nikah. The decent way that shariah prescribe for a girl to proceed for nikah is through her parents or guardian. If your lover is the right pair, then one should not wait to go through informing parents on the issue since the prophet prohibited time consuming on nikah. Remember that two over three love are fancies and does not endure married life later on. As such cut all communication from your lover, make istikhara and inform your parents. Make this dua: O Allah give me happiness in this life and in the hereafter. Your parents may consider your choice and you may appreciate their choice for you.

Q) I dreamt that my brother in law was instigating my husband against me and making him run away from me in the dream. I then found myself doing nikah with someone else. Any meaning? 
A) That dream is from Shaitaan. Read Arouzoubillaho minashaitaanir rajeem 3 times.

Q) I was travelling with my parents the other day in their car. I was in the backseat. Suddenly I fell asleep momentarily & dreamt that my mother was looking at a Quran in her hands and my father was also looking at the Quran. Interpretation? 
A) This is a good dream. Your parents have accomplished their duty of parents. They have partaken their concern for deen to their children.

Q) I dreamt about many people dressed properly in white dress in a mosque and they were smiling to me..what does this mean? 
A) You should approach more the sunnah. Your dress should be fully sunnah everywhere.

Q) I dream about the family of the guy i love. I dream that they invited my family for diner at their place in the absence of their son. When i entered the house, i went to the washroom, n as i entered the toilet to go pee, i saw a dirty old toilet. With difficulty i pee, and my underwear got wet wen i was washing myself. Then i came to wash my face in the wash basin, but the mirror was not clear at all. It was full of marks and stains and i could not even see my reflection. I came out and i was feeling very afraid because once his parents saw me with their son, n they said to their son that they did not like me and will not accept me as their daughter in law. When i came out of the washroom, his mother met me, i said aslm, and she even replied with smile, n i went forward to kiss her. In the dream even his father was very pleasant to me and my family. my mother and i went to help his parents in the kitchen to cook and clean the cooking table. After that i no longer remember about the last part of the dream. Could u please interpret the dream. What could this mean? Is this a sign? 
A) The dream indicate that you should follow your parents` wish and choice. You have to talk to your parents on the issue and then follow their advice. This relationship should be halted and put in hands of the parents. Should you continue with secret love then this will finish badly. 

Q) I frequently dream of toilets. Is there any signification for it?
A) Yes. Too mush lust for dunya property and wealth. One should reduce daily the amount of dunya activities and increase zikrullah and ibadat. Why not sit for 10 days i`tiqaaf this Ramadhaan?

Q) What should a wife who suffers from domestic violence from her husband do? And this wife who is the victim also complains that the husband does not give her quality time and does not show love, she is just too tired trying to save her marriage and she also has in laws problems while living under the same roof. And the couple have a nearly 2 year old daughter. This couple have lived 6 years together but problems and seemingly incompatibility is still here. Should the wife continue living this relationship or not? 
A) The husband should now choose a separate roof for his family. He should rent a different house to save his family. Insha Allah, there he would be more available and more comfortable.

Q) J'etais amoureuse de quelqu'un pendant 7 mois mais a la fin il m'avait tromper..mais je l'aime encore...Qu'est-ce que je peux faire?
A) Coupez toute communication avec lui. et cherchez l`aide d`Allah en la salaat tahajud. Lisez les 5 salaats regulierement et faites Allahoummaghfirli 1000 fois par jour.

Q) I dreamt about I was having sexual intercourse with a stranger in a toilet and I was enjoying it. Can u interprete the dream? Is it shaytaan trying to bother me?
A) There is lust and love for worldly possessions. One should try to observe 10 days of I`tiqaaf during Ramadhaan to equilibrate the deen in one`s life. 

Q) What dua shoud parents read for their children to obey them?
A) Parents should first of all themselves be good role model for their children. Regular salaat and qur-aan of the parents would contribute that the children follow the same steps. Then the parents should give proper time to the children and correct them slowly with wisdom. Regular assessment of the child and explaining to them the benefit of being truthful, honest, pious and abstaining from sins would contribute to their wellness and progress during their lifetime. Be polite to them so that they may take politeness from you. Be honest to them so that they may be honest to you. When the boys grow up, send them for a 3 days jamaat scout. This 3 days jamaat will construct in them respect, responsibility and self respect. Girls may accompany their mother and father to jamaat also. This bring one in a pious environment and fruitful company that may model our future generation. Else do make dua in tahajud time and after farz namaz: Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj `alna lil mutaqina imama.

Q) I know a muslim boy. He loves a hindu girl. They are together for almost 1year now. They know that whatever they are doing are not right and they are trying they full best to break this relationship but in vain. They have been attached too much to each other thats why. So i really need your advice in this..
A) At this stage, we recommend that the boy persuade the girl to convert into Islam and then make nikah with her.

Q) Why can't we sometimes control our sexual desires though we try our best?
A) Keeping nafil roza continuously may help to keep oneself from overwhelming sexual desires. Human nature is made to have a life partner. As such one may look for a wife so as to better control sexual desires.

Q) My partner smokes. What can i do to make him stop it and also how to encourage him read his namaz?
A) This advice is when nikah partner is meant by the question: Give him a miswaak as a gift. Then tell him that you feel nauseas when you smell a smoking mouth. Encourage him to perform at least maghrib salaah everyday. Else, tell him that today no maghrib, then no good food for dinner. But when he perform his maghrib, then please him in every way. Progressively bring him on 2 salaahs, so that one day he performs 5 times daily salaahs.

Q) What to do if one's husband gets pleasure in chatting with other ladies online?
A) Try to attract him to the bed almost every night. Take care of make ups and whatever he likes every night. When someone eats at home, he won`t feel hungry for outside junk food. Make dua in tahajud and do ta`leem of muntakhab ahadiths at home.

Q) What du'a can a child recite daily in order for him to remember his lessons?
A) Rabbi zidni `ilmaa. Put oil on the head and eat 7 badam without skin everyday, and one full spoon of honey and use miswaak.

Q) Please give a dua for a person to have raham on people.
A) Give food to poor people with your own hands and sponsor some orphans. Cajole children and read Allahoummaj `alni raheeman wadooudan.

Q) Is there any dua to become beautiful and get rid of pimples?
A) Stay with wuzu, read the 5 times salaah, read laailaha lot. And do cupping, drink olive oil and apply olive oil on the skin. Read the masnoon dua while looking in the mirror.

Q) What can I do to get rid of hypocrisy from within myself ?
A) First of all always speak the truth, fulfil your promises and do not fear but Allah. Read this dua and stay away from music and haraam or doubtful food or money.

وأعوذ بك من الفقر والكفر ، والفسوق ، والشقاق ، والنفاق والسمعة ، والرياء

Q) Can i please know the dua to have a baby boy?
A) Allah Ta`ala alone decide on that issue. But if one wishes to have a baby boy, then a few actions may be observed and then the du`a may be effective insha Allah:
1. First go every 3 months in 3 days jamaat with your husband/wife.
2. Wake up tahajjud both and supplicate Allah Ta`ala to have a pious son.
3. Read a lot of Rabbi habli minas swaaliheen.
4. Thank Allah Ta`ala on whatever child Allah Ta`ala gave you.

Q) Mo ena 1 problem avec mo etude ki a chaque foi mo comoposer mo pa passer, mo faire maximum mo capave et plus mo lire mo banne doa mai mo return back., i dnt no wat to do. this yr is the lst 1 so plz help me..
A) Pas tous dimoune briller dans tous secteurs. Ou capave douer dans les zotes kitsozes. Donc essayer sa l`annee la, sinon essaye pou devellope banne les zotes profession qui ena trait avec la pratique.

Q) I commit a sin called zina. Every time i commit this sin i regret afterwards and make tawbah. After some time i do it again, regret and ask tawbah again. What should i do to stop this sinful act?
A) Fast continuously. Go out for four months jamat. At least, during this period of time you'll stay away from this sin and your environment will improve. Many people, who were committing this sin, changed through jamat.

Q) I am a girl and i have a lot of pimples, spots, scars on my face, i used so mny things but there's no change until now, so what can i do and read in order to have great satisfaction,..because im ashamed to go out and face people as my face is too ugly with this..
A) First of all do not be ashamed of something that is not sinful. The prescription of the holy prophet (saw) to anybody sick is sabr and patience. It is said that any pain or bodily sickness wash away sins until one becomes sinless. But do note that sinful is to expose one`s face in front of non mahrams. Take it as a call from Allah Ta`ala to veil yourself. Nonetheless, note that olive oil is used to apply on face and whole body. Do cupping on your back and as per prescribed. A lady only may do cupping on you. Smell the scent of Oud. And also do drink Parafin oil or Tepson salts to cleanse stomach. Else do not miss to read the last 3 sourahs (Ahad, Falaq and Naas) and blow on your hands and then pass them on your face and body. Do it 3 times after Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. You may continue even if your are not reading salaah.

Q) If a woman has accepted islam but not her husband, what should she do? Can she continue living with him?
A) She should encourage him to accept islam and warn him that his refusal will cancel their marriage. Then if he refused, then inform MFC to terminate the marriage. Then after 3 haizs she may remarry a muslim.

Q) Can a Hanafi girl marry a maliki boy?
A) Permissible.

Q) Can a Sunni Muslim marry get married with a Shia muslim ? I am a Sunni muslim and I have the intention to ask a Shia muslim for nikaah. I pray 5 times daily, I do tahajjud once a week and I ask lots of Duah so that I can guide her to the right path with the help of Allah. Any more suggestion about this ?
A) Not permissible. We do not advise on such errands.

Q) Can a Sunni Muslim get married with a Shia muslim ?
A) No.

Q) Does the husband have to support his family affter he is married?
A) It is the husband who has the responsibility towards his family.

Q) Is nikah accepted when the girl has her menses?
A) Yes.

Q) What is meant by nikah qubool?
A) Accept the proposition of nikaah.

Q) I was going to marry a girl who is a Non -Muslim but, is ready to convert to Islam.But, the problem is that lately I came to know that she had Physical relationship with someone else and he too was a Non-Muslim. When I came to know about all this, I dropped the idea of Marrying her. but, still there is a guilt in my mind that what I did was not right. Thus, I would request you to kindly suggest me that what I did was right or should I Marry her even after knowing that she had physical relations in the past with a Non-Muslim guy.
A) It is your feelings towards her that may drive for a good decision. If you cannot digest the ''betrayal'' and it washed most of your feelings, then do not marry her. especially if she lied to you. But if your feelings towards her is still strong and you cannot go without her, then forgive her and marry her.

Q) If a husband is already in 1 nikah and insist of making a second nikah is it allowed?
A) Allowed. But better look after one family as the Qur'an recommends.

Q) I asked a girl to marry me and she refused because I am poor. What can I do to become rich? Are there any duas to become rich quickly?
A) Read astaghfirullah a lot and read 5 times daily salaats.

Q) Can a husband kiss (without sucking) his wife's private part?
A) No.

Q) If a girl made istikharah for marriage and she got a positive answer but the boy got a negative, should they get married or not. (the girl is still in her first nikah and waiting for divorce so as to marry him).
A) Both should redo istikharah AFTER the lady got the divorce and after iddah.

Q) If one partner does shirk, is the nikaah still valid? By shirk i mean going to dargas or to imaams to ask them to do duas for them or reciting the prayers of the kufaar but without truly believing in it.
A) Nikah is no more valid if one partner did shirk.

Q) If a couple contracts nikah and comsummate their nikah a year after, is the nikah stil valid?
A) Yes, valid.

Q) Is it permissible a couple engage in sexual relationship during pregnancy?
A) Permissible. The holy prophet SAW did not stop the sahabas on that issue.

Q) A man lives with his wife in his parents house in one room, and a small part as her kitchen. The wife finds her uncomfortable and she always ask her husband to build a house. And the man is not financially stable. What does the husband have to do?
A) We suggest that the husband rent a house so as to give the complete right of the wife. In this way, the children also may have space to sleep and live.

Q) Is a man allowed to finger his wife if she want it this way. if yes, does she have to do ghusl?
A) Yes, recommended. No, unless she experienced orgasm and ejaculate.

Q) I'm a baaligh girl. i've made nikah in presence of only two witnesses (one being my husband's father and the other is his cousin (male and mature). Is the nikah counted?
A) Nikah is counted.

Q) I would like to know what is the difference between Nikkah and ruksathi. And if Nikhha already done not Ruksathi and girl living with parents who is responsible for girl expenses.
A) Nikah is the contract of marriage according to shariah whereby there is consent proposal on one side and acceptance on the other side, in front of minimum 2 muslim men (read article on the subject on the web). Rukhsati is the departing of the girl from her home to the husband`s home. Rukhsati can be made long after nikah as arranged.
After nikah, it is the husband who should take the expenses of the wife. If the girl is not stopping the husband to cohabit with her or to touch her, then the expenses is definitely on the husband. But if the wife is holding herself from touching her or kissing her, then the husband may refuse for the expenses.
Before nikah, the parents are responsible. And after nikah, husband is responsible.

Q) Can two persons who love each other a lot have nikah, but never have sexual contact because they do not like it?
A) Permissible in front of two male muslim witnesses.

Q) Can a nikah be valid after conversion into Islam, BUT before circumcision?
A) Valid.

Q) My sister loves a boy and wants to perfom the nikkah soon in the halaal way but she can't tell our parents because of fear. What should she do?
A) We should be ready for their refusal and follow their wish. Because they know better for our future and better pair. The shariah promote a spirit of equilibrium society whereby we know who is the wife of who. Secret nikahs complicate a recognition in the Islamic society. Although permissible, secret nikahs are against the spirit of the Qur-aan. In fact Allah Ta`ala said that we should take the wife with the permission of the family:''So marry them with the permission of their responsible parties and give them their due compensation according to what is acceptable. [They should be] chaste, neither [of] those who commit unlawful intercourse randomly nor those who take [secret] lovers.''(4:25) This ayat clearly indicate that it is against the spirit of Nikah to keep a secret relationship. That is why the holy prophet ordered us to make i`laan of nikah in masjids:''Announce the Nikah and do it in Masjids..''(Tirmizi) As such it is either you proceed to the enduring and sunnah way to inform the parents or take the secret underground cul de sac. Inform your parents and follow their councelling.

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَعْلِنُوا هَذَا النِّكَاحَ وَاجْعَلُوهُ فِي الْمَسَاجِدِ وَاضْرِبُوا عَلَيْهِ بِالدُّفُوفِ قَالَ أَبُو عِيسَى هَذَا حَدِيثٌ غَرِيبٌ حَسَنٌ فِي هَذَا الْبَابِ وَعِيسَى بْنُ مَيْمُونٍ الْأَنْصَارِيُّ يُضَعَّفُ فِي الْحَدِيثِ وَعِيسَى بْنُ مَيْمُونٍ الَّذِي يَرْوِي عَنْ ابْنِ أَبِي نَجِيحٍ التَّفْسِيرَ هُوَ ثِقَةٌ

Q) I know a couple who are in nikah but live separately. Sometimes the boy goes to meet the girl but have not yet comsumed nikah for four years. Now they are doing nikah again and this time the boy will take the girl at his place. is this nikah allowed in islam?
A) Nikah is permissible, but in fact not necessary since already done. But the couple may make intention of tajdeed nikah or renewal of nikah which is recommended.

Q) Is it a sin to not get married?
A) Not sunnah. It may be permissible to stay bachelor to serve the deen of Allah TA`ala like Imam Nawawi(r.a.) or Hazrat Yahya(a.s.). But still it is not on the beloved way traced by the holy prophet peace be upon him. Allah Ta`ala has preferred the way of the sunnah and has proclaimed: ''Only if you follow him, then will you achieve true guidance.''(24:54) Because of the danger of zina, Allah TA`ala ordered us to marry and also the holy prophet SAW clearly said:''O you the Youth! Those of you who can get married should get married.''(Bukhari)And those who cannot get married because of finance or any other reason, then they should keep fast(roza). As such the ideal sunnah is to get married to preserve one`s chastity and staying bachelor without any valid reason is reprehensible.

Q) What is the responsibility of a husband to his wife after nikaah?
A) To look after her with care and finance, providing her with a house, food , clothing and make ups.

Q) Can a guy do nikkah without his father's approval? In fact at first the father gave his consent then he started thinking about age gap and he his money minded. Can the guy do nikah? He works also.
A) Permissible, but the boy should be independent financially and can provide for a house for the wife.

Q) How to know whether the person you are about to marry is indeed the right person made for you while problems keep on cropping up as the wedding is nearing and doubts cropping up now ?
A) The istikharah can help in this issue.

Q) What if a wife doesnt allow the husband to ejaculate outside her vagina?
A) That is her right. Then it is makrooh to oppose her right.

Q) Can somebody marry two sisters of same blood relationship and live with both ? Is such a nikah ( both) valid? Are the persons concerned commiting sins? What does the shariah recommends in such a situation?
A) Not permissible to marry two sisters at the same time. Yes on is committing zina with the second one. The first nikah to the first sister is valid, but the second one would never be valid during the nikah of the first one. One can only perform nikah with one sister only. Unless one wish to divorce the first one and then after iddah, one may marry the second one.

Q) I am in love with a woman who has slept with a lot of her past boyfriends outside of marriage. I am a virgin. Am I allowed to marry her?
A) Permissible.

Q) Is it true on the day of nikkah someone has to hold the quran for the bride?
A) No.

Q) Is it allowed for a 75 yrs old man to keep a woman at home to help him look after his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer or should he do nikah with her first?
A) No. Yes, he may perform nikah, then permissible.

Q) When is one allowed to do nikah secretly?
A) Nikah can be performed in the presence of two witnesses. But it is highly recommended to take permission form the girls’s parents for an official nikah.

Q) Can a non-muslim father stand as wakeel for his muslim daughter for her nikah? Is the nikah acceptable?
A) No, not acceptable.

Q) Is civil marriage permissible in islam?
A) Permissible when necessary under the policy of ''separation du bien''.

Q) I wanted to know what are the responsibilities of the husband in the house. In what way should he bring help to his wife concerning the household tasks as well as caring after the children?
A) The husband should look after the financial matters of the home. He should spare time for the children upbringing and also to the wife. He should look after the wife satisfying her psychologically and physically.

Q) If a woman does not want her husband to perform second nikah. Can she say that in the wedding contract?
A) Yes, one may mention this in the nikah contract. This clause would be considered as a ''promise'' clause and treated as such.

Q) Concerning marriage, If a boy is pious and has a good character but the girl is not physically attracted by him, what does islam say about it?
A) Nikah is not advisable. Physical attraction and appreciation is important for a nikah duration.
Q) If a boy and a girl have already agreed to get married, can they talk on the phone before nikah?
A) No, it is haraam to speak, sms or mail each other unless a nikah is performed.

Q) What are the rights of a boy who wants to get married to a muslim without the permission of his dad?
A) First of all, it not advisable to marry without the consent of the parents. But still it is permissible for adult muslims to decide on their marital choice on their own. The rights of any couple are fully distributed as per shar`ee rulings. In brief the husband should cater the expenses and house of the wife. The wife should answer the husband when called to intimacy and look after the house. You may read on web the different rights of husband and wife on web.

Q) Is nikah valid if a girl gets married without the consent of her father, the boy being a muslim and the parents of the girl previously agreed and then refuse to get the daughter married to the boy?
A) The nikah will be valid if the lady is adult (got her menses). But if the father claim for a dissolution, he has the right to do so because it has affected his reputaion. But dissolution are accepted on a religious mismatch only.

Q) If my mother-in-law says things that hurts, can my husband and i go stay somewhere else?
A) If a husband has the means, he should provide a separate quarter for her wife to stay. Therefore, it is good if the husband separates the wife and the mother according to shariah.

Q) I want to know about the duty a husband should accomplish towards the wife and children. Does it mean that the wife has to obey and look after the in-laws and forget her parents?
A) The wife has no responsibility towards the inlaws.

Q) Est-qui nous gagne droit marier civil? Si oui, Ki facon? Core ou core et bien.
A) Marriage civile li complique possession du bien dans la vie et aussi distribution heritage apres la mort. Donc tanque possible evite marriage civile. Mais si bien bizin alors marier avec separation du bien. Mais si finne marier corps et bien, donc lerla prepare ene testament cote ene notaire pou faire distribution heritage selon:'' Mohammedan law of Inheritance.'' Ou capave renseigner lor web lor distribution de ou du bien comment pou faire selon Islam.

Q) The Quran mentions that it is permissible to marry people of the book (christian and jews). Is this still valid? If yes, does it not contradict the verse that says "... today I have perfected your religion. No other religion will be accepted except islam ..." If not, would that mean we are rejecting a quranic verse?
A) Note that the permission for a muslim male to marry a jew or a Christian woman is a Coranic permission which have conditions attached to that. Ulamas have discouraged such practice since children upbringing and halaal diet would be washed away in such cases.

Q) What must the wife do if her husband no longer wants to have sex with her? The wife always embellishes herself infront of her husband but to no avail?
A) There are 2 reasons that may be: first the husband may be having affair besides his wife. And secondly may be the husband is sick. See the in and out of the husband if he is having sex elsewhere and try to stop him. Else if he is sick, then see a doctor to strengthen him physically.

Q) Can a girl and a boy do nikah in presence of only 2 witnesses?
A) Permissible, but not to be done.

Q) I am a woman, Is it permissible to marry my daughter to the son of my khala?
A) Permissible.

Q) During the periods of the wife if the couple got engaged in sexual relation will it be considered as a sin? what can be done if this was done in the past?
A) It is a major sin to have sexual relation during menses. In fact the ahadiths condemned severely the couple who penetrate through menses. One should repent and make sincere tawbah if this happened. On top of that one may give sadaqah also.

Q) Est ce que le nikaah est toujours valide si un couple s'est separe pendant 3 ans sans aucune relation maritale et que apres il decide de revivre ensemble. Jamais il n'a prononcer le mot talaak.
A) Oui toujours valide. Vous pouvez consommer sans renouveler le nikah.

Q) After nikah, in how many days should the couple consume their nikah, taking into consideration that the husband and wife are not living togetherbut in same country and intend to live together a few months later.
A) Any number of days that is mutually agreed.

Q) Although I am married, I commit many sins linked to sexuality because my wife cannot satisfy me sexually? What is the solution?
A) Your wife may masturbate you if necessary. We will need more details on the matter. Another option may be a second wife. You may phone on 7921333 to give your marital insatisfaction details.

Q) Duah to get a good boy for nikah?
A) First you need to be a good girl and pious. Because Qur-aan talks of good pious boys are liable to good pious girls. Sinful boys are linked to sinful girls: Le fornicateur n’épousera qu’une fornicatrice ou une associatrice. Et la fornicatrice ne sera épousée que par un fornicateur ou un associateur;(Sourah Nur: 3) Furthermore Allah Ta`ala says in the same sourah: Les mauvaises [femmes] aux mauvais [hommes], et les mauvais [hommes] aux mauvaises [femmes]. De même, les bonnes [femmes] aux bons [hommes], et les bons [hommes] aux bonnes [femmes].(3:26) You may read also in tahajjud times and after daily 5 salaahs: Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lilmutaqeena imama.

Q) Can a wife do masturbation for her husband until he ejaculates?
A) Yes.

Q) Mo madame donne ti baba du lait. Eski mo gagne droit boire lait mo madame?
A) Non, li makrooh tahreemi et haraam.

Q) Is a girl allowed to make a condition before getting married that her husband should not take a second wife as long as she's alive? If already married, can this be asked?
A) Yes this condition is acceptable between parties.

Q) My parents are refusing to accept the girl whom I love. For reasons, she is divorced and older than me. I have performed the Istikhara prayer several times and dreamed of masjid each times. If I marry her, will I commit a sin against my parents?
A) No. You may marry her.

Q) If a husband calls his wife to his bed and she refuses the angels will curse her. But if sometimes she doesn't want to have sexual relation so can't she refuse his husband?
A) The core explanation is that one should accomplish the right of each other in Nikah. The opening to Zina, adultery, extra marital affairs may be linked to lazy sexual habit between married couples. As such shariah close the door to all these mess by compelling the wife to respond to the halaal husband. Else make the husband happy by other means and words before sleeping. Because the hadith also mentions that the husband being unhappy.

Q) A man has 2 wifes but the first wife does not accept the nikah, is the nikah accepted and I want to know the rules.
A) The nikah is accepted. The man should share nights between the two wives according to sunnah, unless the wife forgo her rights like Hazrat Sawda (ra)

Q) Is it a crime to look for a good man in view to marriage for my daughter?
A) It is not a crime to look for a pious man for your daughter. Rather the man folk of the family should look for a pious husband for the girl

Q) Is it sunnat for men to kiss there wife when they come home?
A) You may read the sunnah duas found in Masnoon Duas. Bismillah, salaam, and good words are sunnah. But time to time it is sunnah to kiss before leaving home.

Q) Is it true marrying cousins is makrooh?
A) No. In fact the prophet did marry his cousins.

Q) Is it lawful for the husband to play with his wife's both private parts using hands and vice versa?
A) It is lawful to caress with hands only the vagina and not the anus. The wife may use oil, etc to caress the penis part of the husband and not the anus.

Q) What is Mehr Faatimi? Please elaborate on minimum mehr.
A) Mehr Faatimi is the mehr that Hazrat Fatima (ra) requested for her nikah. A lady has a value in Islam. At her offer of wedding she has the right to ask for a mehr. The Qur-aan has given the democracy to women to ask whatever they wish. But a minimum limit is 10 dirhams (hadith) and its value nowadays is Rs 1800.

Q) How much monthly expense in terms of money should a husband gives his wife?
A) The money that the husband spend on his family depends on the financial condition of the husband. Allah Ta`ala says: Let him (the husband) who has abundance spend out of his abundance and whoever has his means of subsistence straitened to him, let him spend out of that which Allah has given him; Allah does not lay on any soul a burden except to the extent to which He has granted it; Allah brings about ease after difficulty. (7:65) As such the husband may spend how he can averagely from Rs 3000 to Rs 10000.

Q) Mem si ene missie fini tire so ration du moi li bisin don so madam n somme pou so personal monthly expense? et si madam la travaille?
A) Selon moyen, ene missier donne so madame ene pocket money pou permette li acheter ou garder pou li. Meme si madame travail, li bizin accorde li.

Q) Is using a condom halal in islam? As we are not ready to have children.
A) Permissible with the consent of the partner. Although the main objective of marriage is to increase progeny (Qur-aan). The holy prophet (saw) encouraged us to have more children so as to increase the ummah. (Hadith)

Q) Can a wife take her husband's last name after marriage...can she keep her father's last name adding her husband's to that? is it haraam?
A) All this is permissible as far as the names have good meanings.

Q) Is it permissible to suck my wife?
A) It is makrouh tahreemi and haraam to practice oral sex.

Q) If a wife is not adapting herself in the environment of her husband and asks the latter to move out, shoulh he do so??
A) No. We should try to resolve the matter by dialogue, passive actions, else refer the case to someone you both trust. Else Muslim Family Council is a neutral platform that may be chosen as a last card.

Q) Apres ene la geurre entre couple li vinne dificile pou ene madam satisfaire so mari physiquement, puisque mari la in blesse so dinite...b eski dan sa cas la madam la gagne gunnah si li pa p satisfaire so mari sexuellement?
A) Blessure ki finne gagner, bizin essaye gueri li. Lire l`article ';Les ingredients de l`amour et les ingredients de la haine.'' Sur le web. Sa couple la bizin essaye pou choisir banne paroles et actions ki pou amene l`amour dans zote couple.

Q) Is the use of contraception (Condom etc) permissible according to shariat for newly married couple so that they can know each other better?
A) If there is genuine necessity qualified by pious doctor, then permissible with permission of the partner.

Q) Does those people who practice goon are from shia community? can we get married to them?
A) It depends on their creed. If their creed is same like ours, their azaan and qiblah are same like ours, then you may get married to them. But if their creed on prophecy, their stand of Abu Bakr and Umar as better than Ali differs, then you cannot marry them.

Q) I just found out my husband is having an affair with one of his ex-students, i'm so shocked. Please help. I found out their chat logs. A) Islam teaches on the first instance dialogue. You need to choose a time to talk to your husband alone. Ask him the truth and evaluate how far this ‘’affair’’ reached. If he says that it is only chatting, then inform him that it is haraam what he is doing. Else if he admit that there is a physical relation already established, then know that it is still haraam without nikah. Then you may evaluate your feelings towards him having a second wife. Know that sabr and patience will bring fruit in these circumstances. Although not recommended, but in most circumstances wives submit one divorce/talaaq request if the husband insist on 2nd nikah. But we need to bear in mind that if we have children, then turn towards Allah to give you the necessary sabr to go through this trauma. All this may be a scenario of an affair issue. But best is to talk and act with wisdom and do not haste. Particularly if you have children, then your husband is the best father for your child. Dua and patience is best food during such circumstances. You may inform us time to time for advice.

Q) Can a man marry a second wife without informing his first wife?
A) Permissible, although undignified.

Q) If a baaligh girl is in parda and her parent are looking for a boy to marry her, how will the boy see her when he will come home or can you suggest the step to proceed for the boy?
A) She will dress decently and unveil the face for that time that the boy will visit her in front of the parents.

Q) What is the appropriate dua to read so that my family accept the girl i love and get us married?
A) Be regular with your 5 times daily salaah and make dua after salaahs. Wake up for tahajud and cry or else make like crying asking Allah TA`ala for help. Else make istikhara again since the parents` reluctance should be considered for our own benefit. Read lot of rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a`youn waj`alna lil mutaqeena imama.

Q) Is it necessary to consumate the marriage before the reception ?
A) Not necessary. In fact reception (walima) may be done after nikah and before consumption of the nikah. Although the prevailing sunnah is to do reception (walima) after consumption.

Q) Can one marry his own cousin?
A) Yes. Nabi (saw) got married to his cousin too.

Q) What should be done if the husband cannot give his wife her rights to have a seperate quarters not because of financial problems but because of his parents?
A) It is incumbent upon any well off husband to accommodate his wife in a separate home. Accommodation is compulsory for a husband towards his wife. The holy prophet(saw) said : ‘’Fear Allah concerning for women, …their rights on you is that you have to feed them and house them decently..’’ (Muslim). As such, even if the parents object for accommodating the wife, the husband should still give a separate house to the wife. The parent should be attended separately at different times and the wife should be attended separately particularly after Maghrib and at night. The wife may sue the husband in the court of Allah on the day of Qayamah on this issue. As such the husband should give the rights of the wife as prescribed by the shariah.

Q) Is it permissible to ejaculate outside so that my wife doesn’t fall pregnant?
A) Permissible, with the permission of the wife.

Q) Can a woman have intercourse with her husband at the end of her changes, before taking ghusal?
A) If your aadat (no. of days you normally get your changes) is of ten days, then at the end of those ten days, you can have intercourse without taking ghusal. But if your aadat is less than ten days, then you must take a ghusal first or you must wait until one salaah time passes.

Q) Is it true marrying cousins is makrooh?
A) No. In fact the prophet did marry his cousins.

Q) Is a husband permitted to drink his wife's milk?
A) No. Makrooh tahreemi.

Q) Is a walimah offered before the consummation of marriage haraam?
A) No. Walimah done after nikah before consummation is also sunnah.

Q) Are husband and wife allowed to suck each other's private part in islam?
A) This act is makrouh and disgusting (Fatawa Hindiya). Such acts are shameful and against Haya and ‘’pudeur’’. The example of the prophetic life, which is meant to be followed, is such that Hazrat `Aisha (r.a.) said that she never saw the intimacy of the prophet (saw). (Shamail Tirmizi).
The mouth is a respectful part of a human body. We have been prescribed to keep the mouth clean and pure since the mouth is used in reading qur-aan. The tongue is to pronounce the Mubarak name of Allah. As such to below one`s mouth to such an extent that to swallow impurities (mazi or semen) is not permissible. Yes the prophet recommended caress with hands and kissing before relationship. But the mouth should not used on intimacy parts. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Does sugar water have any importance in nikah?
A) No. This practice has no source in shari’ah.

Q) I madly love a girl, so the girl also but it's too early to marry so what should we do?
A) Keep fasting for consecutive days and stay away from communicating with her.

Q) I just found out i had had sex with the sister of my fiancee in the past can our marriage still go on please?
A) On a shariat perspective, your nikah will still be valid with your fiancée. But tawbah and istighfaar should be made to wash away those sins. The liberal attitude of parents is responsible for such complications. These messes may complicate a couple`s life because of irreparable past mistakes. That is why the shariah condemned zina. The prophet(saw) stressed on immediate nikah after both parties have mutually agreed for marriage. Else ponder also if this will not complicate your relationship with your future wife if she happen to know about this issue.

Q) Eski ene missier bizin prend permission avec so madame pou li faire ene deuxieme nikah et si li gagne ene refus ki deen islam dire lor la?
A) Li pas ‘bizin’ prend permission, mais humainement li capave informe li. Madame la ena so droit d`expression pou refuser, mais shariat laisse le choix libre a le mari pou faire ene deuxieme nikah ou bien non. Lire nous l`article ‘’Le contrat du marriage : nikah’’ sur le web cote la fin le prophete finne empesse so zendre faire ene deuxieme nikah. Le Saint Prophète (saw) avait défendu à son gendre Ali de prendre une deuxième épouse afin de préserver l’équilibre conjugal. L`equilibre conjugale li important pou developpement zenfant et prosperite de ene couple.
Chapter Of Talaaq
Q) The husband of my daughter wants to give her talaak. he expressed his view clearly and wants me (his mother in law) to know his decision. on the other hand my daughter has fallen in love with another man when she is still in nikkah with her husband. the fact that her husband wants to divorce her is arranging her situation so that she can get settled with the other man as soon. so i wonder after her husband is giving her talak, is it obligatory that she keeps 3months 10 days iddaat still as in her case she is doing zinnah and i really dont think that during this iddaat days she is stay without having any connections with the man. its importance to note that for several months she is not having any maritial relationship with her husband. knowing the actual situtaion we want to maary her as soon as possible to avoid her falling deeper in zinaa. please advise your comments.
A) It is compulsory for her to observe the iddah period of 3 haizs (menstruations). If she got the talaaq during a haiz, then she should observe three other haizs as iddah. In fact the shariah forbade to talk about another marriage before iddah finishes. But here I am reading something very filthy and shameful happening. As parents you should stop your daughter to have extra marital relationships. Tawbah should be made and come on pure Islam. One may fast consecutive days and wake up for tahajjud for help to come out of the sins. We have noted that those who contravened the iddah period does not have a successful married life.

Q) Is it possible for a man to give talaq through letter?
A) Permissible. If you are giving, then give only one talaaq-e-ba in.

Q) My sister asked for divorce from her husband (1 year ago), and the husband gave 1 twalaaq, now he is asking for half the mehr back.
A) 0ne talaaq was sufficient to separate between your sister and her husband. If the nikah was consumed, i.e. they had sexual relationship, then the husband has no right to ask for the mehr. But if the nikah was not consumed and they never had an intimate time alone for 10 mins, then the husband has the right to ask for half mehr. In the case that there was consumption of the nikah, then it would be a major sin to ask for the mehr, since the money is already for the wife and the husband has absolutely no right to ask for it.
The Qur-aan condemns this: Que vous ayez donné à l’une un enorme richesse, n’en reprenez rien. Quoi! Le reprendriez-vous par injustice et péché manifeste? Comment oseriez-vous le reprendre, après que l’union la plus intime vous ait associés l’un à l’autre et qu’elles aient obtenu de vous un engagement solennel? (4:20-21)

Q) Pls advise in a case, where a husband decides to stay away from his wife during 4/5yrs but still living under same roof?
A) This couple should refer their discord to a alim or to the muslim family council.

Q) Is one allowed to leave her husband because the latter did not respect the conditions made before wedding- eg. to have a separate house after wedding?
A) No. But there may councelling by an `alim on these issues.

Q) Is it permissible for a woman wearing niqaab to live under same roof with her husband when talaaq had alreay been pronounced?
A) If iddat has finished, then it is not permissible for her to live in the same house with an strange man. In fact with talaaq, the husband is now an strange man to his wife. ``if 3 talaaqs have not been pronounced, then you may redo nikah with your husband. But after 3 talaaqs, then you will not become halal to your husband but after halaalah.

Q) Talaaq fini prononcer, pou refaire nikkah avec premier missier,madame la bizin faire lautre nikkah et talaaq. Eski li bizin consomme so deuxieme nikah avant li done talaaq
A) Mo comprend ici ki ene missier li finne donne so madame talaaq(3) et li pe envie retourne ek so madame. Donc pe demander si pou organise nikah madame la et apres sa deuxieme missier donne li talaaq. Sa appelle sa pe organise halala et li pas permissible pou faire sa. Ena Allah so malediction pou celui pres pou faire halaala et celui pou kip e faire halaala. (Abu Dawood)

قَالَ إِسْمَعِيلُ وَأُرَاهُ قَدْ رَفَعَهُ إِلَى النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَنَّ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ لَعَنَ اللَّهُ الْمُحَلِّلَ وَالْمُحَلَّلَ لَهُ

Q) Can a woman leave her husband because he made a 2nd Nikkah?
A) No, this is not a shar`ee reason.

Q) Do i have to give my ex-wife a talaaq, who went to another country and didn't return? She did nikah with someone else, so did i. It's been 20 years since our separation.
A) If you never gave her a talaaq, then give her one talaaq-e-ba'in to separate from her. Inform her about it so that she may validate her nikah after 3 months or after 3 haizs since the talaaq was given.

Q) What is khula?
A) Khula is the proposition on the wife`s side of a valuable (jewelry, money,etc ) to the husband in exchange of her talaaq. The husband may accept or refuse the khula` proposition. In case he accepts the offered money, then she would automatically have her talaaq. Care should be taken in formulation of the khula in front of the husband: ''I have done khula with you with the jewelry that you offered me.''

Q) I married a man who was already married. It was his second marriage. I had intention of halala while according to him, he had intention of marriage. On the day of nikkah the marriage was consumated. And later he went to another city where he was posted and I came back to my home. The marriage was secret and undeclared. I got influenced by the nikkah and it became difficult for me to demand divorce, although I did many times. But whenever I did so, he stopped replying me and taking my calls. And when I wanted to talk to him normal and casual he didnt attend me. Before nikkah he showed great interest in me. Then whenever I complained that he doesnt talk to me, doesnt give me time, he would say he was busy and then again disappeared. Finally, I upset and disturbed, asked him if he wanted to carry on this nikkah, he told me as long as I wanted and had no problem. But he refused to declare our marriage and told me that he would ask me to leave in case I ask him to do so. I only asked to check him though. During the two and half months of our nikkah he emphasized that he would not divorce me unless I see him once more for sex. But it was not acceptable to me as he never treated me as his wife, seldom talked to me, and if I was not given the rights of a wife , then why should I be responsible for fulfilling his sexual needs. I was distressed and tortured by his indifferent behaviour. I refused to see him and got divorce. Did I commit a sin by not seeing him?
A) First of all it seems that there was a kind of mutual arrangement from thebeginning you two for him not to give you your full rights as a wife. Thatis that you two would see each other from times to times only. Then in thatcase the husband did not fail in his rights. But he is wrong to seldom talkto you and ignored you completely.But in your case, you refused him to meet you for cohabitation which wasnot right. But know that such secret nikahs does not last and finish likeyours. It was a sin though from your side to make halala because organizinga halala is wrathful. The holy prophet cursed the one who purposely marryfor halala purposes. Furthermore the holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that Makeannouncement of nikah in masjid. That is a bond of marriage is to be madepublic and known and then live like normal couples in the society. Thesunnah of nikah endures and enhance any nikah. This is the general rule thatwould prevail until the end of the world.

Q) According to Islam can a woman divorce her husband? I live in Bangladesh, according to the law of the land of Bangladesh, I have the right to divorce my husband. But I would like to hear from you, what is the right procedure of divorce for a muslima as I do not want to by far the Islamic Shariah law.
A) A woman can ask for divorce on valid shar`ee grounds only. Some valid shar`ee grouds are violence, impotency and drug addiction or anything that may cause direct harm to the wife. But she may approach the Muslim Family Council of Mauritius for Mauritian cases so as to scrutinise the reasons of divorce. Else she may propose the husband a khula`. As such she may say: I have done khula` with the jewels that you offered me. But know that khula` will only take place if the husband accept to take the jewels. Then she would be divorced.

Q) I need to know the following about a case where talaaq was given: First talaaq was given 10 yrs ago and then the couple was together again (the next day they resumed together). Now two talaaqs have been given at the same time. Does this mean that the marriage has been cancelled?
A) Unfortunately all 3 talaaqs are counted. They can`t stay together unfortunately.

Q) My wife and i are already divorced according to law. I need to give her the talak's now. What is the best solution in doing so? Can i sent it written to her?
A) Give only one talaaq ba-in. This would be enough to separate between you and your wife. It is better that you come to Muslim Family Council to officialise this talaaq. Else write it in front of two witnesses and then read it infront of them.

Q) If a man betrays his wife, the wife can leave him but without giving talak does the nikkah continues ?
A) Nikah is still valid and continues until and unless talaaq is pronounced. But a suspended woman that her husband is reluctant to give her talaaq may approach the Muslim Family Council for a plaint. The Jurist there may judge the talaaq case.

Q) What is the difference in the consequences of giving one or three talaaq?
A) After one talaaq, one may recontract nikah with that person later on. But after 3 talaaqs, one cannot recontract nikah with that wife.

Q) Is it true that if a divorced woman remarries, she loses custody of her children?
A) Yes it is true. She should give the child to the father. Note that from baby to 6 years the child should stay by the mother. But as from 7 years the child should be in the custody of the father according to shariah.

Q) Si un homme prononce le mot talaq a sa femme trois fois dans un moment extreme colere sans intention,est-ce que le divorce conte?
A) Oui. Et le couple ne pourra pas cohabiter ensemble a vie.

Q) Does telling one's wife to go away while angry breaks the nikah?
A) No, except when intention of talaaq was made.

Q) What is the duty of the husband towards the wife and kids after a divorce? Is it true that the husband has to pay everything for his ex wife (house, food & expenses)?
A) No. The husband needs to only pay for the expenses of the kids. Except that if the wife is breastfeeding the child that she may charge for that. Else the father need to house, pay expenses, feed and cloth the children promptly.

Q) I married a person who did not give me mehr...He persuaded me that there is something called mehr fatimi and that mehr can be cancelled if i say mehr huwa. And i did so because he forced me to say so after the nikkah. Our marriage did not work because he sexually abused me several times. I left him and came to my parents for almost 2 years. After that i asked for a divorce and he just said that u are free from this marriage and u may contract another one anytime u want....Now alhamdulillah i am married again but my former husband who did not give me mehr did not pronounce the word talak and this bothers me...Can u help by giving me advices.
A) You were divorced by his words ''you are free..''. But still you needed to wait for three haiz or menses before contracting another nikah. From your version, the mehr fatimi is still due on your former husband.

Q) Is divorce permissible if a husband cannot give his wife her rights and cannot keep her happy?
A) Divorce is permissible whenever marital life becomes impracticable. Although the couple may undergo difficult times, they may find themselves in happy times later. Since every case is diffirent from the other, it is prudent to present your case in front of the Muslim Family Council.

Q) My wife left me since mid last december, but i didn't give her any talaaq and I have no intention of doing so because all I want is her to come back. Since how long may i consider her to still be in my nikah?
A) She would be in your nikah until and unless you give her talaaq. But she may consider to summon a demand for talaaq in the Muslim Family Council who will judge according to shariah. Else if this is not coming right, then we suggest that you free her with peace and such both may end this nikah without causing difficulty to each other.

Q) If a couple sign a legal divorse paper, but did not say 3 times talaq,is the divorce accepted in shariah?
A) The signature on a divorce paper does not nullify the nikah. Hence a talaaq should be given to separate the couple. Very important to note that one talaaq is Sufficient to separate the couple. Three talaaqs is a harm and irreparrable.

Q) Mo missier dans discussion finne dire moi : ‘’Aller, Alle rode ene lot mari.’’ Eski talaaq finne porter ?
A) Si missier la finne faire l`intention talaq par sa phrase la, alors ene talaq ba-in pou porter. Si li pas finne faire l`intention, alors pena talaaq. Mais li dangereux pou jouer avec banne mots pareils. Lire nou livre ‘’Pour l`amour d`Allah, ne prononce pas talaaq.’’

Q)  Si un couple s`est séparé l`un de l`autre pour plus de deux ans et n`ont eu aucune relation maritale et si maintenant le couple veut recommencer leur vie, est-ce qu`il faudra refaire le nikah ?
R) Non. Le nikah est valide aussi longtemps que le talaaq n`a pas été prononcé.

Q) Un mari (époux) a prononcé trois fois talaaq d’un seul coup. Est-ce que le couple peut se réconcilier peu après ?
R) Non. Les trois talaaqs sont comptés et donc le couple ne pourra pas se réconcilier.

Q) Il est arrivė qu`une épouse a eu une relation sexuelle avec un autre que son mari. Est-ce que le nikah avec son mari est affecté ?
R) Non. Mais elle doit quand même faire tawbah et repentance continuelle de cet acte grave.

Q) Comment divorcer avec sa femme ?
R) La shariah a prescrit plusieurs étapes avant le divorce : 1. Dialogue entre couple. 2. Action passive et active de la part de l`époux envers l`épouse. 3. Mettre un arbitre neutre et sincère pour essayer de sauver le couple. 4. Et si les étapes franchies n`ont pas été réussies, alors le mari prononcera seulement un talaaq ba-in pour rompre leur relation nuptiale. Mais après ils peuvent refaire le nikah pour revivre leur vie conjugale. Mais au cas où il a prononcé trois talaaqs, alors ils ne pourront pas contracter le nikah. Chacun doit chercher plutôt un moyen halaal pour vivre.

Q) Si aujourd`hui le mari a prononcé le talaaq, quand est-ce que la femme peut contracter un nikah avec un autre homme ?
R) Le `iddah ou la période qu’une femme doit respecter avant de contracter un nikah est de trois menstrues (règles). Pendant cette période elle doit rester à la maison, ne pas porter des maquillages, de belles robes et des parfums.

Q) Quelle est le `iddah d`une femme dont le mari vient de mourir ?
R) Le `iddah est de quatre mois et dix jours. Soit 130 jours. Mais si le mari est mort à la date du 1er d`un mois hijri, alors elle sera dans le `iddah les quatre mois qui suivent et ainsi que pendant 10 jours au cours du cinquième mois.
Latest questions

Q) Is it permissible to play video games like PC, PS3 and XBOX 360?
A) It is not advisable to play such games since they prevent one from farz salaahs. But if one abstain from music, hard playing and regular with salaahs, then still not recommended, but permissible.

Q) Is it allowed to watch news, taraweeh and documentaries on television?
A) Yes, but it is a sin to leave the TV on for watching other stuff.

Q) My concern is that is it permissible for muslim girls or boys to get into social networking such as facebook, Hi5 or even chatting on themobile. In the negativity, I strongly recommend that this message becommunicated to all muslim brothers and sisters through newsletters and evenin jummah khoutbah.
A) It is worthy to note that the Qur-aan mentioned the positive effects of wine and gambling, but because of their overwhelming ill effects, they have been made haraam. Muslims should judge honestly and weight the detrimental effects of facebook and Twitter under the same scrutiny. We do not deny the positive contribution of the network, but on analogical basis, muslims should absolutely abstain from any platform that approaches to adultery and betrayal between couples. Wallahou a`lam.

Q) Facebook is right for a muslim to get access??
A) Muslims should know that the ill effects of Face Book is more than its good effects. Hence you are being made responsible to stay away from such platforms that approach you with evil.

Q) What is the law pertaining to ringtones with music?
A) It is not jaa’iz to put ringtones with music on cell phones.

Q) Can one use Qur’aanic ayat as ringtone?
 A) It is not jaa’iz to use Qur’aanic ayats as ringtone because it is disrespectful to the Qur’aan.

Q) Is it jaa'iz to sms strangers (na mahram)?
A) Smsing strangers (na mahram) is just like speaking face to face to them and is not jaa’iz.

Q) Is it jaa'iz to send picture messages, videos or songs on cellphones?
A) It is not jaa’iz and it is a great sin to send picture messeges (of living things), videos or songs on cell phones.

Q) Is it jaa'iz to sell cell phones with defects?
A) To sell cell phones with defects in cheaper price without informing the buyer of its defect is deceiving that person and our prophet (saw) has prohibited us from doing so.

Q) Is it jaa'iz to play games on the internet?
A) If playing games on internet, or cell phones leads to leaving out a fardh (e.g salaah) then that game becomes haraam. And if it leads to leaving out a waajib (e.g witr salaah) then the game becomes makrooh-e-tahrimi. And if it leads to leaving out a sunnat or mustahab then it becomes makrooh-e-tanzihi.

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