My grandmother has sold her house
Q) My grandmother has sold her house to one of my mum's sister for 1/4 actual price. The money was divided equally among children (5 women) except the buyer. Some sisters protested because buyer got much larger share. i.e 3/4 actual price. Was this haraam?
A) Not haraam. But should be corrected, unless if that sister looked after the grandmother.
How to devide his inheritence...
Q) A man passed away. He has no mother and father. He has a wife, five daughters and one sister. How to devide his inheritence according to shariah?
A) 1/8 for the wife. 2/3 for the five daughters. 5/24 for the sister.
How should a father distribute his wealth?
Q) I want to know how the wealth of a father should be distributed among his three daughters and one son?e.g rs300, it compulsory to distribute the money among the four children or the boy can take alll the money?
A) Inheritance of a father having 3 daughters and one son is as follows: After funeral expenses, his debts would be paid. After debts been paid, if no will from the father, then each daughter would receive 1/5 one fifth of the estate. One son would receive 2/5 two fifth of the estate. Hence from Rs 300000, each daughter would receive Rs Rs 60000. And the son rs 120000. The son has no right to take the whole share.
A married woman passed away without children
Q) A married woman passed away without children. She has her father, mother and a brother still living. Please see the inheritance distribution if she had no will. 
A) The distribution should follow the following sequence after the funeral expenses:
Her Husband: Half of the estate.
Her mother: One third of the other half.
Her Father: He will take the remainder after the Husband and Mother.

In brief: The husband would receive 50%.
Mother: 16.66%
Father: 33.33 %

What to do in case we dont find the inheritors?
Q) Une personne d'origine algerienne est decede ( il n'a pas d'enfant), il a laisse une maison en France, le titre de propriete est sur le nom de son ami tres proche. Mais ce dernier apres une longue recherche ne retrouve plus la trace de sa famille en Algerie pour les heritiers. Que doit on faire ?
A) Il faut rechercher encore, meme si c`est un neveu ou l`enfant de son neveu. Est-ce que la personne a laissé un testament? Si non, alors on peut donner la maison au œuvre charitable bénéficiant les musulmans, en son intention.
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