Pls meantion ayah where step siblings inherit?
Q) May Mufti sahib please mention the ayat of where step siblings inherit? 
A) You should describe the whole inheritance scenario. In the absence of same father n mother siblings, step siblings from same father or mother inherit
Is there any ayah in quran reg step siblings..
Q) Is there any ayat in quran reg step siblings inherit from their own father?
A) Yes
Mo ena ene proche ki fine mort..
 Q) Mo ena ene proche (ene madam) ki fine mort. Li pas fine faire aucaine testament avant li mort pour l'argent ki li ti ena. Li ti ena environ Rs 63307 dans la maison. Apres qui fine calculate so zakat et retire bane depense mayaat fine rest Rs 57207. A cause li pas fine faire testament ou mem zamai fine dir qui pou faire avec so l'argent, est ce qui bizin retire one third de Rs 57207 pu done en charite avant partage li avec so bane zenfants. madam la ena 1 seul garcon et 5 tifi. combien part chaque zenfant bizin gagner?? 
A) Ki date li finne mort. Avant Ramadhaan? Parski pena Zakaat lor du bien ene mort avant Ramadhaan. Les restes du bien bizin alle dans la main so heritiers. So missier aussi so heritier. Mais nou pou reponne selon version enbas. Lire lor web lor Distribution heritage afin pou conner ki banne heritier de ene dimoune. Garson pou gagne 2/7 de du bien la: Rs 16344.85. Et ene tifi pou gagne 1/7 du bien la: Rs 8172.42. Pena pou donne aukene chariter. 
If the parents are dead and they have left
 Q) If the parents are dead and they have left a property to share among the children...should the children also share the property among the relatives and orphans?
A) No, no need to do so. Yes, when everyone has had their share, then individually they may distribute discreetly as wished. 
Pls advise how to make my wasiyat.
Q) May Mufti saheb please advise how to make my wasiyat, i own a house given by my dad, some jewellery i possess, no kid, no civil marriage, so how do i make my wasiyat, and on which thing i should make wasiyat
A) Describe your inheritors: Brothers, sisters, husband, father, mother, paternal uncles, etc. From there, we may set the obligatory distribution of your estate according to shariah. You have an option to give up to 33.33% of your estate in charity, Lillah, masjid, madrassah or a non heir.
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