Can a woman go for hajj with her step brother?
Q) With whom can a woman go to perform hajj?can she go with her step brother?
A) Yes, if the person is a pious person and they lived together as brothers and sisters before. 
From which gate should we enter Haram Shareef?
Q) From which gate should we enter Haram Shareef?
A) Babus Salaam, but it is in construction. Enter by any gate.
Can i use Dior product bb cream in ihram?
Q) I would like to do Umroh, kindly need your help if I can use: 1. Dior product bb cream? 2. Mavala lip balm? Ingredients: apricot, aloe vera, and complex based in heart seed. What kind of best bb cream to use there?
A) During Ihraam, you cannot use any cream or lip balm. You may use pure Vaseline without any flavours. But once out of Ihraam, you may use any halaal cream.
Pelting jamarat twice on the 11th Zil Hijjah?
Q) Is it permissible to stone jamaraat for the second time on the 11th Zul-Hijjah before zawaal and stoning for the third time after maghrib on the same day?
A) No. If done, give one dam.
If a woman becomes clean from haiz in Makkah
Q) If a woman becomes clean from haiz in Makkah, where must she perform niyyat for umrah? Must she wear ihram from before?
A) She must perform niyyat of umrah before miqat. That is, when the plane takes off from Dubai. If she is going Madinah first, then when she leaves Madinah to Makkah.
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