Dairy Products

Q) Is Erika butter halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) TEAMA chese from Egypt halal?
A) Ok.

Q) Is kratf cheese from yemen halal? Ingredients : cheese made from cow's milk, butter, emulsifier E331, milk solids non fat, salt, food acid E270, preservative E234, colouring annato E160b, rennet from cows, water added. On the box it is written that it is manufactured from strathmerton australia.
A) Ok.

Q) I would like to know what is the ingredient (NISIN 6ppm) found on a box of TWIN COW CHEDDAR CHEESE, its a new product on the market. also i would like to know about kraft cheddar cheese and cream which is on your halaal lists but contain E234. Please do inform me about BEGA and CHEESEDALE cheddar cheese as well.
A) All halaal safe and can be consumed.

Q) Is Amul butter haram? Can i eat any product which have a vegetarian certificate or a vegetarian symbol?
A) Amul ok. No, not any product. But generally snack products that carries a vegetarian logo are halaal suitable. Verification is always helpful.

Q) Would like to know if granarolo mascarpone cheese halal for Muslim consumption?
A) Avoid mascarpone until we verify.

Q) Is mozzarella cheese halal?
A) Yes, halal suitable.

Q) Can we eat Elle & Vire butter?
A) Yes.

Q) Is emmentale fromage (president)halal?
A) Ok.

Q) Is tete de maure cheese halaal?
A) Avoid due to cross contamination.

Q) Is beef rennet halaal, found in kraft tin cheese?
A) Can be consumed.

Q) I found some fatwa concerning rennet from animals not slaughtered according to shariah from a website. What's your ruling?
A) Rennet is halaal unless from Pig. Rennet found in cheese from Europe and Australia are not from Pig. But still we need to be vigilant on this ingredient. Micro binomial rennet is halaal suitable.

Q) Is ‘levure de bierre’ in Kiri Gouter, halal ?
A) ‘Levure de bierre’ is a mushroom and thus halal. So this ingredient does not make Kiri Gouter haram.


Q) Is bledina halaal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is pot o gold condensed milk halal? Contains whey powder.
A) Halal safe.

Q) Complan from England is halal?
A) Avoid Complan.

Q) Is complan halal?
A) Not listed.

Q) Is candia halal?
A) Not listed. Better go for Parmalat or Australian milk.

Q) Is snowy milk powder halal?
A) Yes, halal safe.

Q) Is Lait Sagoo Singapora Halaal ?
A) Ok.

Q) Is beta carotene in milk halal?
A) Halaal safe.

Q) Is president products halal?
A) They are ok, but do read the ingredients


Q) Is phosphatine cereal for baby halal?
A) Halal suitable.

Q) Is baby milk Nestle Nan 1,2,3 halal? and Bledina Cereals or Phosphatine Cereals?
A) Nestle South Africa are certified halaal. Bledina Cereals are ok.

Q) Are all baby foods halaal such as heinz, bledina, purity etc
A) Avoid all mentioned.

Q) Are bledina baby food products halaal?
A) Not yet listed.

Q) Can we consume the chicken or meat in bledina baby meal pots? or heinz or purity meals?
A) Avoid.


Q) Is silhouette yoghurt halaal?
A) Since yogurts are common to contain doubtful and haraam ingredients, we advise to be cautious top yogurts and consume only certified yogurts. Dairy vale is certified halaal.

Q) Is Yoplait halal?
A) Not listed. One may choose halal certified yogurt product: Dairy Vale.

Q) Is Yoplait Safari halal?
A) Not listed.


Q) Which brand of mayonnaise can we use?
A) Remia ok.

Q) Is mayonaise Leiseur or Ducros containing 'vinaigre d'alcool' halaal safe?
A) Avoid. Take those without Vinaigre d`alcool.

Q) Is mayonnaise 'AMORA' halaal?
A) Avoid. Nola and South African mayonnaise ok.

Q) Can you advise whether we can consume mayonnaise in which one of the ingredients is "vinegar alcohol"? I have seen it in Lesieur brand.
A) Avoid these and choose South African Nola or Blackwell.

Q) Is mayonaise 'LESIEUR' halal?
A) Yes.

Q) Is mayonaise Ducros containing 'vinaigre d'alcool' halaal safe?
A) Avoid. Take those without Vinaigre d`alcool.
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